Our Renovation History

1975 Re-lighting of Building
1982 Lighting Systems Upgrade for Basement and First Floor
2001 HVAC Equipment Upgrade, Handicap Restroom Renovation, Electrical System Upgrade
2005 Theatrical Lighting Layout
2007 HVAC System Duct and Grille Upgrade

History of Larimar Arts Center
(aka Larimer Memorial Library)

·Larimer Memorial Library was built by James R. Mellon, a member of a prominent industrial family, that wintered in Palatka’s South Historic District.
·Mellon commissioned Henry J. Klutho of Jacksonville to design a library. Klutho fused Prairie School with Art Deco Style elements.
·Klutho believed architecture should harmonize with its environment.He stated, “A project should be so designed as to indicate its function.A church, a school, a hospital, a public building or an office building should each be recognizable as such.”
·The building was donated to the City of Palatka in 1930, the structure was named for his wife, Rachel Hughey Larimer.
·Larimer Memorial Library was given to the Arts Council of Greater Palatka in 1992 and renamed Larimer Arts Center.
·The Larimer was added to the U.S. National Registry of Historic Places on 12 March 2008

Design Aspects

·The Larimer is a stately limestone structure with elegant arched windows and entryway.The façade is symmetrical and incised across the top are the phrases “Ignorance Breeds Crime” and “Knowledge is Power.””Two decorative lampposts flank the stone steps that lead to the recessed portico.
·The interior maintains the original floor plan. Significant features include suspended globe lights, terrazzo floors, a segmented skylight and Art Deco details.The main floor houses exhibition spaces, an administrative office and the Scarlett-Hill Theater.Art classes and workshops are held in the basement.



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